Whispers in the Dark: A Halloween Ambiance Volume 1

Our first release puts you in a truly creepy environment, filled with distorted laughter, synthesizer, piano layers, and all manner of drips, drops, and stormy layers to fill up a dark night...

In Magnolia, Mississippi in 2008 we recorded a large thunderstorm rolling in from the porch of a 200-year-old haunted house.  We combined portions of this recording, with a recording from the entrance to a reportedly haunted tunnel in Pattenburg, New Jersey.

-Austen Travis: Production, synthesizers. arranging, ambient sound recordings, and mixing

-Jeremy Sweet played synths and piano

-Jenny Lee Maas assisted with ambient audio recordings, worked on the photography for the cover art, and did some Photoshop work

-Nick Krolak: Cover Photography, Photoshop

-Sam Perlmutter: Photoshop, logo design, font, cover layout

-Dan Marino: mix assistance

-Asher Schraeter: mix assistance, and Mastering