Spooky Sound Experience Presents:       Sounds of the Fright Factory

This Collection of soundscapes was created for the 2013 season of the Fright Factory haunted attraction in South Philadelphia. Working with members of the Fright Factory team, we set out to create seamless audio loops that would tell the story of their haunt through immersive sound design.  You, too, can enjoy these audio loops for your own haunt or digital content. 


This project was aided by the generous contribution of the following www.freesound.org members:


-tommygoogle for "Thunder and rain on window at night.wav"

-gabemiller74 for "Breath of death.aif"

-suonho for "scaryscape_hypertensive.wav"

-1o for "sxssssssssssss.wav"

-20020 for "2008-11-09-02_54-denhaag-home-g133-window-wind-light-rain-aevox.aif"

-Benboncan for "Wind and Rain on Window Short.wav"

-dobroide for "laboratory.flac," "reactor.wav,"  "fly.00.wav," and "distant.ambulance.wav"

-KeyKrusher for "Railings bashing.wav"

-amishman35isbricked for "Turning_on_The_Walk_In_Cooler-For_Freesound.wav"

-cccooollliiinnn for "07 Philly Street Ambiance #3.wav"

-klankbeeld for "horror scream woman long.wav"

-caquet for "Basement Motor/Boiler 2"

-nickb1608 for "Footsteps On Pipe:Metal.wav"

-volivieri for "small_pipe_bang.wav," and "medium_pipe_bang.wav"

-Jovica for "SteamPipe 5 SteamPad G#5.wav"

-NoiseCollector for deepwoods.wav"

-CGEffex for "Dog_Howl_03.wav"

-datinoxia for "bareboneshowling.wav," and

-viorelvio for "sunetul_de_lup_27386.mp3"



Austen Travis-Production, Synthesizers, Arranging, Ambient Sound Recordings, Vocals, and Mixing. 

Jeremy Sweet-Pianos, Synthesizers, Composition

Jon Dogole-Mixing

Rell Watts-Matering

PhilthySoftPretzels.com-Package Design