Nightmares in Horror House: A Halloween Ambiance Volume 2

You begin by walking up to, and then inside of Horror House from the street.  Creaking floorboards, slamming doors, and demented laughter echo around the house as you move slowly through, and finally back out into the brisk October night.

We utilized some sound recordings on this release from a haunted recording studio in suburban Pennsylvania. 

Sounds utilized from

-Portions of the sound "Laugh2.wav", "laughter.wav", and "manlaugh.wav" by sagetyrtle

-Portions of "dog barking 3(Rottweiler).aif" by Tomlija

-Portions of the sound "WaterTapDripping.wav" by pcaeldriespcaeldrieswav"v" by -I used portions of "Shaking Gate.wav" and "squeaky valve.wav" by Freqman

-Portions of "tea_stir.wav" by gyzhor

-Portions of "piece_of_wood_thrown_or_dropped.wav" and "wrenches_thrown_or_dropped.wav" by vibe_crc

-Portions of "footstep on wood foley.wav" by martian




Austen Travis: Production, synthesizers. arranging, ambient sound recordings, and mixing

Rell Watts: Mastering

Nick Krolak:  Cover Photography, Photoshop

Sam Perlmutter: Photoshop, logo design, font, cover layout